Berg wasn’t one to spell it all out for you.... unless you asked.  Then, be prepared for a very in depth and all consuming explanation - often complete with sketches, diagrams and a little Greek history.

Prometheus was the Titan who stole fire from Zeus and gave its use to humans.  This is what separated humans from the rest of the animal world.  For his actions, Prometheus was eternally fettered to a stone and had his regenerated liver eaten each day by an eagle.   Years later Hercules freed him. 

Additionally Prometheus, being the god of forethought, would have known the punishment to befall him and yet chose to bring fire to mankind.

Berg’s tower business was named Prometheus Methods Tower Service.  Although never completely explained on paper, one can easily imagine the metaphorical parallels of bringing fire from heaven and bringing information from the sky from the communications towers that Berg had a passion for. 

It is a tragic coincidence that Berg would one day suffer for bringing that fire of information to the land that is Iraq.

Berg travelled freely and independently, without any contracts from the government or big business.  He had only his mind and notebooks as his support system.  After a successful early scouting visit to Iraq, Berg was impressed with the opportunities that such a challenging landscape and social environment Iraq possessed.  Berg explained some of this to the crew of Farenheit 911 who again, by coincidence, interviewed Berg shortly before his second trip to Iraq.  Michael Moore generously gave the footage to the Berg family and did not include it in his controversial film.  Along with the tape, he included his condolences and those of his crew who were clearly enthralled by this true American capitalist.

During Berg’s time in Iraq, the Abu Ghraib scandal became worldwide news.  This incident proportionally accentuated the militant uprising and chaotic upheaval in Iraq.  Berg meanwhile had been questioned by Iraqi police, under US control, as to why he was in Iraq.  It seemed incompressible to them that a man would have the courage, planning and knowhow that Berg did.  As they checked on Berg’s story, they imprisoned Nick - even with extremist militants  who, if they did not know Berg was faithful to the Jewish religion,  certainly knew he looked American.

Interestingly, years before when Berg was in Norman, Oklahoma, and before campuses enforced security measures on email accounts, Nick offered the use of his email to a man he met on the bus.  This man turned out to be an acquaintance of Zacarias Moussaoui, an accomplice of the 9/11 terrorists. He sent Berg’s email and password information to Moussaoui, who used it later.   In a call to Luke Lorenz from Oklahoma, Berg recounted his interview with the FBI and asked if Luke thought there would be ramifications to this.  Luke asked if he knew who the guy was or was it just an incredibly curious incident.  Berg did not know the man but thought he was friendly. 

It was this event on Berg’s FBI record that, years later, may have kept him in prison for a longer duration in Iraq as the US forces wanted to verify Berg’s Story. 

Meanwhile, Berg was expected back in the US to be a groomsman in a friend’s wedding.  Friends of Berg had noticed the drop off of correspondence during this time.  Berg usually used descriptive explanations of his whereabouts and experiences when corresponding via email.  His family discovered that he was imprisoned under no authority. His captivity was denied by the government at first and Berg was not allowed legal council.  His family sued for his release after receiving an email conclusively indicating there was knowledge of Berg’s location.

Berg’s release was shortly after the Abu Ghraib abuses becoming public. By happenstance Berg encountered the al-Qaeda number two terrorist, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi after his liberation.  (editor notes that 400 billion and several years later and with the best resources available, the US military would find al-Zarqawi again.)

al-Qaeda in Iraq, under the hand of al-Zarqawi, murdered Nick and placed the video of his execution on the internet.  This event created a media frenzy and further polarized support or abandonment for the war in Iraq.

Michael Berg, Nick’s father, developed absolute resolve to end the war and become a stalwart advocate for the peace movement.  He met President Bush’s statement of consolation without approbation.   When al-Zarqawi was killed by US forces in 2006, Michael responded, in effect, that he had already forgiven the men responsible and that taking one more life only exacerbates the hatred among people.

Michael’s comments, devoid of any vitriol for the man who killed his son, were seen by many as unusual and unpatriotic.  Others assessed that his words were in alignment with his disdain for the war, and that peace was a greater good than killing a murderous extremist.  (editor note: insert your own euphemism)

Many found this encouraging belief in the power of forgiveness worthy of commendation.  The idea of forgiveness as a powerful healing force  was expressed in the popular song Forgiveness by Canadian performer Peter Katz.

Man is more than fire tamed.  Perhaps ‘forgiveness’ is one one of those things greater than our ability to wield fire, though few understand it as well or let it burn as brightly as Michael does.


As far as green -

Nick Berg  Berg was not a political figure, nor was he opposed to the efforts of the US to dispose of Saddam Hussein’s regime.  He was under the impression that a free Iraq would be a verdant paradise for entrepreneurs and a great place to incubate capitalism, resourcefulness, and invention.  He often wore (ugly and bright) green t-shirts,  if he wore a shirt at all.  So now you know.

The coincidences that followed Berg would be easy to mold into conspiracies - for example, since his death occurred right after Abu Ghraib, it took political pressure off the United States.  Imaginative individuals wrote a script that concluded that his murder may have simply been show business.  Many creative people have expressed these stories and worse,  on the net. 

Truly I say to you, it is much more amazing how this one man, Berg, touched the heart of so many thousands. Through this memorial organization, the efforts of Clara Thorne, the volunteers and bands of Berg-o-Palooza, and through the songs of Peter Katz, we hope to continue to inspire, reach out, and make a difference.

You can make a difference too.  That is how you become...

...more than fire tamed.